World Congress on Oils and Fats - WCOF 2020

TNL Tecnal recently attended to the World Congress on Oils and Fats (WCOF 2020), hosted in Sydney Australia, from 9-12 February 2020. The Congress attracts, every year, a large number of participants from all parts of the world, connecting research scientists and industry involded in edible oils and their by-products, providing a platform for discussion of papers and disseminating the latest news and research on fats and oils.

Attended to the Congress several expositors from countries as United States, China, Germany, Malaysia, Australia, and TNL Tecnal represented our country as the only brazilian expositor.

WCOF 2020 was co-hosted and delivered by three societies; The Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOSF), The Australian Olive Association (AOA) and The Australian American Oil Chemists Society (AAOCS).