TNL TECNAL´s Rotary Cells extractor is comprised of a set of cells mounted in a gas-proof casing with solvent pumping & showers spray systems. The cells are fixed on a central shaft, mounted on bearing and move over a fix screen, driven by gears. The equipment operates at low speed, low level of friction, low power consumption and virtually maintenance free.

The cells rotate on fix grate made of AISI-304 stainless steel. The meat is discharged automatically when it reaches the complete turn.

The showers are mounted in a way that the extraction is made by washing and drain system, providing more efficiency in oil extraction.

Drive system by gears + motor + speed reducer + frequency inverter.

The meat flow is controlled by an automation system with PLC and other electric components.


  • Operation with fully automated mass flow;
  • It controls and synchronizes the operation speed of the feeding screw, of the extractor and of the discharging screw, according to the material flow in the inlet hopper;
  • The cells are fixed on a central shaft and move over a fix screen type wedge-wire made of stainless steel;
  • Adjustable extraction time, according to the features of the material to be processed, with fully automated controls;
  • Double safety system, sensitive to abnormal variations of the extractor torque.


Capacities: up to 6,000 tpd (expanded soybean).