TNL TECNAL has complete deflegmation system, comprised of absorption column and desorption column. They can be fabricated from carbon steel or stainless steel plates. With updated design, they have very high efficiency.

The principle of the deflegmation in vegetable oil extraction plants is to absorb, by mineral oil, the solvent existing in the uncondensed air sent to the atmosphere, avoiding environmental damages and minimizing solvent losses. Because the mineral oil absorbed solvent, it must be distilled in order to remove the solvent before returning to the absorption column. This desolventization is done in the desorption column (stripper), using temperature, vacuum and direct stem.

Absorption (mineral oil absorbs the hexane impregnated in the escaping air) is perfomed by a double-column equipped with a suction fan to control the depressure and also to measure the gases.

Desorption (separation of hexane from the mineral oil) is performed by a desorption column with vertical cylindrical body and several trays, grate type, mounted along the body. The trays clean themselves in a continuous way by the ascending steam. Low steam consumption, using the steam that comes from the mammoth pump mounted inside the oil column in the lower part. The oil level in the lower part is controlled automatically by an automated system with level sensors and control valve.