Cracking Mill

TNL TECNAL´s Cracking mill provides the cracking of the beans in 4 to 8 pieces. It is equipped with 4 rolls mounted on spherical roller bearings with different speed between them, with opening regulations of the rolls with a scaled wheel, allowing fine adjustments – even in the closest point the rolls do not touch each other. Quick hooking/unhooking to open quickly the rolls in case of emergencies and start-up of the machine – start-up without forcing the motors. Once the regulation is et, it will not change and the rolls return to the previous position without any new adjustment. Each movable bearing house is equipped with corresponding spring protection system against foreign bodies. The feeder is equipped with a magnetic plate and with a device for adjustments and control of feeding flow of material. Transmission is done by pulleys and hexagonal belts.

An electric board is mounted on its own case and has commands on the front side for easy control of the operations. Commands for feeder and rolls motor are equipped with ammeter.


  • Even in the closest point, the rolls do not touch each other;
  • Rolls protection system against foreign bodies;
  • Start-up without forcing the motor.


Capacities: 100 to 1,500 t/24h.