TNL-Tecnal aniversary: four decades of development

On October 12, 2016, TNL-Tecnal celebrated its 40th anniversary with employees and guests. The celebration of a Mass was followed by a delicious lunch. This was a special moment to give thanks to all the achiements and ask that we continue to achieve even greater success in the next 40 years.


Continuing the celebrations of 40 years, 15 employees were drawn for the highest award in the history of TNL-Tecnal: a weekend in Island 54, in Ribeirão Claro. The lucky ones could enjoy, along with their companions, a stunning landscape and delicious foods, all paid for by the company. This was just another way to thank all those who help to build this beautiful story.

1001 Ideas

A new tool was used in 2016 to listen to employees, the "1001 Ideas." More than 50 participants suggested solutions for the different sectors of the company. The winner was Lucas Andrei Zupa, technical assistant, who suggested the creation of a sector responsible for identification, archiving and targeting of CNC and laser cutting parts. Congratulations Lucas!