• Pre Cleaning and Cleaning
  • Pre Cleaning and Cleaning
  • Pre Cleaning and Cleaning
  • Pre Cleaning and Cleaning
  • Pre Cleaning and Cleaning

With more than 4 decades of experience in providing equipment and innovative solutions, TNL TECNAL manufactures Grain Cleaning and Pre-Cleaning machines. With this vision of the future, we have developed equipment that meets all the needs of the farmers and the agroindustry.

Pre-Cleaning and CLEANING Sieves

The TNL TECNAL Screens for Pre-Cleaning and Cleaning have several cleaning phases, which are comprised by sections that carry out different tasks, guaranteeing the quality of the separation of the main product from unwanted materials coming from the field and/or generated in the process. Unwanted materials are classified and discharged separately, allowing reuse in other applications. At the end of the pre-cleaning process, the TNL TECNAL Sieve will have classified the material into six different types: clean grains, grit (broken), coarse impurities, pods/cobs, light impurities (husks) and dust at the cyclone outlet.


  • Aspiration system with air flow regulation guarantees the removal of dust and peels;
  • The product passes through screens that separate coarse impurities, eliminating the need for prior cleaning equipment;
  • Rubber spheres ensure self-cleaning of the screens;
  • Reduction of dust and impurities, which can prevent fires in the dryers and guarantee the quality of the stored product;
  • Screening area according to capacity;
  • Lower frequency of stops for cleaning;
  • Serves different types of grains and seeds;
  • Applicable in several areas of industry (corn ethanol plants, vegetable oil extraction, receiving and storage units, process, etc.);
  • Easy access to screens;
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance;
  • Complies with the NR-12 safety standard.

Exclusive for 80-300t/h sieves.

  • Feeding hopper equipped with a rotating doser that promotes uniform distribution of the product;
  • Swing body safety sensor;
  • Fully enclosed machines, reducing dust in the environment and increasing employee safety.

TNL TECNAL sells technology with experience in equipment for the solution you need.