• Pre Cleaning and Cleaning
  • Pre Cleaning and Cleaning
  • Pre Cleaning and Cleaning

TNL TECNAL´s pre-cleaning and cleaning system has a uniform feeding, with chambers and flow doser. The expansion chambers are independent, one for each suction column, with efficient removal of hulls and light impurities. The residues and impurities retained on the screens are removed by a self-cleaning system with rubber balls.

The suction chambers can be adjusted regardless the air flow of each one, which allows dragging the maximum of the impurities without dragging the grains. The centrifugal fan for the suction columns has a cyclone for separation of impurities for bagging. The discharge bins are positioned according to the customer´s needs.

  • Painting with anti-corrosion zinc chromate and synthetic enamel;
  • Easy exchange of screens, for all kinds of grains and seeds;
  • Self-cleaning screens with rubber balls;
  • Big production in a small area;
  • Totally enclosed;
  • Minimum level of dust escape to the atmosphere;
  • Quality, efficiency and performance proven in the market;
  • Easily interchangeable screens, with self-cleaning system;
  • Oscillating orbital movement system.

Capacities: 25 to 300t/h
Application: soybean, sunflower, corn and other seeds