• Enclosed Belt Conveyor
  • Enclosed Belt Conveyor
  • Enclosed Belt Conveyor
  • Enclosed Belt Conveyor

With a proven track record in the design and manufacture of grain handling equipment, TNL TECNAL introduced its line of equipment the enclosed belt conveyor, meeting the demands for conveyors with greater capacity, longer lengths and more efficient power.

With an in-house team of engineers, our enclosed belt conveyors have evolved to meet the needs of dry bulk operations that spread easily. Our equipment has the main feature of being completely closed, eliminating the dispersion of dust in the environment, avoiding dirt around the site, reducing noise levels, waste and ensuring greater organization on site.

All the parts that make up the equipment were meticulously studied, one by one, in order to find the best solution in terms of technology, quality and robustness. Characteristics present in all TNL TECNAL equipment.



We use the best suppliers in the world: Goodyear (Contitech), Maxbelt or Mercury, all with anti-static, anti-flame and oil and grease resistant coating. We follow the customer's instructions for splicing the belts, which can be hot vulcanized or mechanically vulcanized with Mastin type metal clips. In the latter, sectioned rubber splints are attached, close to the metal splices to protect the drums and clean the bottom of the equipment.


The rollers are developed by TNL TECNAL, in a Ø4”x 3.35 mm wall tube with top of the line bearings (SKF or FAG) with Ø25 mm (Ref. 6205). For the rollers that use a 45° inclination, the bearings are fixed in bearings that are also manufactured in-house and sealed with a retainer, while the horizontal rollers are fixed in Commercial bearings of the Pillow Block type Ø25 mm.

The standard distance between the sets is 1500 mm and at load points 400 mm, so we maintain the standard of roller fixings on the outside of the equipment, facilitating maintenance.


Each module is structured in No. 12 plate (2.66 mm) and standard length of 3000 mm with union flanges and L-shaped reinforcements of bent plate. Its insulation is made by sealed covers that prevent the exit of dust and the entry of rainwater with an 8 mm UHMW coating screwed to the bottom plate.

The entire structure is secured by a metal frame screwed onto the sides that support the rollers and covers. The feet are also fastened by screws in the union flanges every 3000 mm. 


Built in #3/16” plates with thick plate reinforcements in points of greater exposure and rubberized driving drum, which can be fixed to the shaft with a key or with a fixing ring (Shaft in SAE 4340). The Chute coating can be made of UHMW, AR400, ceramics or other materials, all depending on the customer's needs.


The head follows the same construction standard with #3/16” plates and thick plate reinforcements in points of greater exposure. The self-cleaning drum (with internal cone and coating of spiral flat bars) causes the materials that return inside the belt to be diverted to rotors (mounted on the sides of the drum) and “returned” to the upper face of the belt.

Having the telescopic body with wheels resting on rails, the belt is stretched in two ways:

Short straps - through a screw causing the movable body to move.

Long belts - the system is the same, however, the screw is replaced by a gravitational system, using counterweights and steel cables.


Our premise is to work with the best manufacturers of gearboxes or geared motors, SEW or Cestari (if there is a need to use another brand, consult our engineering department). As well as the minimum service factor is 1.5 or as agreed with the customer. WEG motors are used in normal environments or classified areas. All rotating elements are protected according to NR-12.