• Bucket Elevator
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Bucket Elevator

Meets the most demanding needs of conveying grains and flaked and granulated materials. TNL TECNAL elevators are manufactured with the highest quality standards. The upper head is robust and with UHMW wear plates in all points of contact with the conveying product, the bipartite articulable top cover allows quick access to the upper drum. SNH-TG housings, with thrust bearings and rubber and grooved drum in all models and heights.

The sections have legs with additional folds that increase the resistance to compression and inspection sections with large windows for mounting the belt and buckets.

The lower head is equipped with side windows on both sides for maintenance of the lower drum, SNH-TG housings, with thrust bearings. The stretching is done by screws or automatically (optional). The lower drum, cage type, has a design that facilitates the material outlet.

The feeding bins are lined with UHMW and were designed to improve the filling of the buckets. There are 3 options for the buckets: regular metallic buckets with bottom, high performance metallic buckets without bottom and high performance plastic buckets with bottom.

For higher safety and easier maintenance, the elevators have stairs with legs made of double profiles , with steps every 285 mm, screwed on all over the elevator’s body starting from the floor; maintenance platform of upper head, with anti-slip floor and easy access through the trapdoor and a safety cable of Ø 5/16”, according to NR 12 stardards.

As optional, we can offer speed sensors, belt misalignment sensors, explosion opnenings, roof hood, automatic lubricator hoods for bearings and belt’s guide rollers.


  • Reduced wear of the buckets;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Continuous operation.


Capacities: up to 2,000 t/h.