FS BIOENERGY – Lucas do Rio Verde – MT.

In the ranking of companies that produced the most Ethanol in the 19/20 harvest period (considering the sugarcane harvest), FS-Lucas do Rio Verde appears as the leader in 520.3 MILLION LITERS.


We at TNL TECNAL are proud, as we understand that the numbers achieved have the contribution of TNL TECNAL engineering and equipment, which guaranteed the plant's corn feed, drying and dispatch of the DDGs by-product.


Nothing is more rewarding than seeing TNL TECNAL equipment helping our partners to break records.


In the same month that the data confirms the record harvest, the assembly team of the company TNL TECNAL delivers the new line of 250t / h to feed the New Corn Warehouse, which has a capacity of 2,250,000 bags (135,000t).


That is, next year the expectation is to break even more records.



This is TNL TECNAL, honoring its commitments and offering cutting edge technology.