Vacuum Coating

Batch system with double shaft mixer, with accurate dosage. Load cells make the weighting of the product, fat, chemical liquids and powders that will be added to the material.

Fully controlled by PLC, allows the execution of the coating cycle to ensure the perfect injection of the percentages previously defined by the formulation, respecting the periods of dosage and absorption of each product and controlling the vacuum system with individual pressure and ideas for each operation.

The system generates operating records in the database that can be used for tracing and checking each step of the process, injected percentage, among other information. It has universal communication language and can be integrated with any communication protocol, exporting the process data to other management softwares (ERP).


  • Ensures percentages added, respecting periods and the inclusion of vacuum, the system becomes extremely efficient doing an excellent coating;
  • Allows the use of higher percentage of external fat, thus decreasing the levels of fat at the base of the recipe (flour) facilitating the extrusion process;
  • Can be supplied without vacuum system.


Capacities: 3,000 to 15,000 kg/h.