Extruder model EXA

The extruders models EXA were developed for the production of animal feed for birds, fishes, crustaceous and others. Its high technology was conceived within the most rigorous standards of quality. They are robust machines, very efficient and productive, lowest consumption of energy per ton of processed material (kW/ton), easy to operate, long useful life time of the parts (helicoids and liners), easy maintenance and can be fully automated.


  • High productivity of pet food, fish food, deactivated soybean and other cereals;
  • Easy maintenance. Besides the body being flanged, it is also sectioned in the horizontal way, what allows easy access to the helicoids;
  • Drive head made of casting steel with roller thrust bearings;
  • Outlet die plate connected to the body of the extruder, manufactured with special steel, with independent cutting system;
  • It allows a large number of shapes, including extrusion in 2 colors.


Capacities: 0.3 to 15 t/h