Extruder Model EAP

TNL TECNAL´s e extruders EAP were developed to produce kibbles with better appearance and homogeneity, qualifying the aspect of the food for the animal. With robust construction, high-performance, highest mechanical power and lower power consumption per processed ton (kW/ton). Easy to operate, long useful life time of the parts (helicoids and liners), segmented helicoids for easy maintenance and for allowing a different helicoid layout, in order to obtain different results according to the specific formulation of each product. Likewise, it can be fully automated. The new EAP models have hoists for assistance in dismounting the modules and their liners and helicoids.


  • Best appearance and homogeneity of the product;
  • Body with modules made of cast steel (1 feeding barrel, 4 intermediate barrels, and 1 final barrel), forged helicoids (with different layouts and types of steel), casted liners. All parts can be optionally made of stainless steel;
  • Internal and external housing bearings, providing a better stability of the shaft;
  • New High Peformance Matrix system – with motorized cutting system connected to the body of the extruder. It allows more agility in the setup of exchange of products, best final finishing in the kibble. It is not just a perforated ring, but a device for homogenization of the product and for controlling the expansion according to each product, before formation and cutting.
  • Increase of productivity and in the quality of the kibble formation, producing perfect cuts, eliminating burrs and consequently reducing considerably the formation of fines.


Capacities: 5 to 15 t/h.