The original design of the Expander was developed for the expansion of soybean fakes in the preparation of seeds for oil extraction. Today, it is also used in animal feed plants, because it generates a gain of absorption of nutrients by animals. Another positive factor is the sterilization of the feed, as the process will effectively kill harmful pathogens, including salmonella. The Expander allows an effective treatment of large quantity of feed at a low cost.


  • Improvement in feed conversion up to 22% for poultry;
  • Elimination of gastric ulcer in pigs;
  • Possible utilization of alternative raw materials, increasing the varieties of feeds;
  • Elimination of Salmonella, bacteria and some fungus;
  • Guarantee of the pellet’s hardness (PDI) up to 90%;
  • Increase in the useful life of the Pelletizer’s die-plate up to 100%;
  • Improvement of the pelletizer’s yield up to 50% with the most difficult feeds, as for example feeds for pigs with inclusion of dairy ingredients, termination and fibrous feeds.


Expander Mod. EXPR
Capacities: 10 to 50 t/h