• Automation
  • Automation

Automation for animal feed plants means cost savings, process and resources optimization and real-time management, among many other benefits. TNL TECNAL prepares your factory to produce more spending less.

The whole plant can be controlled via PLC (Programmable logic controller); the automation system is operated through an interface called supervisory system, where each step of the process has its own visualization and control screen. This interface makes a friendly integration between man and machine, allowing the visualization and control of the entire production process.

Access to command of equipment that comprise each step of the process is performed on a computer screen and interact with processing times and temperatures, alarms, hours worked, inputs and raw material consumption (with traceability), among others.

There is a vast universe of possibilities that result in greater efficiency, increase of productivity, better quality and rational use of resources. The system generates analytic reports that contribute to the optimization of the productive process and in decision-making, in pursuit of excellence.


  • Safety with interlocks and start-up sequences controlled by PLC and operated by computer;
  • Avoid storage errors, the system does not allows receiving in wrong silo;
  • On-line monitoring of stock, what helps to predict lack of raw materials;
  • Last generation weighing algorithm, minimizing dosage errors;
  • Interface with management systems (SAP, MFGPRO, BAAN, etc.) for reception of purchase orders, returning actual quantities received, facilitating the exchange of formulations and automatic tracing of the raw material consumption;
  • Reports that provide traceability of dosages performed;
  • Liquid injection during process for exact application of percentage (%) depending on the volume of production.