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45 years of excellence
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We are TNL TECNAL located in Ourinhos, SP, Brazil. During more than 45 years we have been helping hundreds of companies to feed the world, through the development and manufacture of equipment of high quality for preparation and vegetable oil extraction, grain storage, handling and conveyance as well as complete solutions for animal feed plants.

Our products are successfully running in more than 46 countries around the world. In order to achieve that we count with the help of 7 commercial representatives strategically located in all continents.

Our equipment are designed, manufactured and assembled by ourselves, in our own workshops. We have more than 600 employees specialized in several areas and also we have a partner network distributed around the globe, all working together for the excellence of our products.

We are recognized nationally and internationally by the good quality and robustness of our equipment, taking us to the leadership position in the world market for our expanders. We have ISO-9001 certification and fulfill to all specifications and international standards of quality and safety.

We invest in solutions that do not harm the environment and we care for our employees, customers, partners, shareholders and community.


Development of innovating solutions for worldwide agribusiness.


To be a global reference, through the excellence of our products and services.


Customer satisfaction

We are constantly concerned with meeting our customers needs and expectations. To that end, we always look for improvements in our processes and we count with qualified professionals who are aligned with our company values.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

With a market getting more and more competitive and demanding each day, those who have good and new ideas end up standing out. Entrepreneurship and innovation are essential to create, renew, implement and lead to new oportunities and improvements. Therefore, we value individual initiative and free discussions to encourage groundbreaking solutions, searching for excellence with simplicity.

Appreciation and respect to others

The most valuable asset of any company is its employees, so we care about providing the best working conditions to our collaborators, with benefits, trainings and knowledge to all of them. 

The way we relate to each other guarantees the success of our activities. We seek to prioritize our internal and external relationships, based on respect and equality, without distinction of race, sex, color, creed or any other form of discrimination.

Team work

Most successfull entrepreneurs work better in teams. In TNL Tecnal we appreciate individual excellence and team work in order to achieve our goals and overcome challenges. 


Integrity is part of our actions and it means not only to do what is needed, but what is correct. We seek to act ethically and fairly and fulfill our obligations to stakeholders, always with honesty and justice.

Citizenship and Socio-Environment Responsibility

We contribute to the development of people, the social and economic structure of the communities in which we operate and the use of natural resources in a responsible and conscious manner. In this way, we support projects and practices that benefit the environment, culture and sport, health and education areas, animal protection and philanthropy. In addition, we seek to promote citizenship and the development of communities with all those who relate to our company.


In this trajectory I met incredible people, professionals who created with me a story that I am proud to tell. Every story has a beginning and mine wasn't easy either.

Ary Pocay

TNL Tecnal Founder

Global Presence

TNL Tecnal operates in more than 46 countries